Top 10 Casinos with Slots and Hotels Offers in Las Vegas for Canadian Travellers. Some having exclusive hidden promotions and offers. *May have changed. Canadian Players are always welcome

1. Stratosphere

Stratosphere may be a strange and unusual casino and hotel, but it does have a big range of the best slots on its floors. Its cheap to stay here and the slots do pay out, A LOT!

2. Wynn

The Wynn is a very luxourious hotel and casino, having over 500 slots machines and over 500 hotel rooms. The hotel is extremely pricey, but the service is of top quality. 

3. Mirage

I first visited the Mirage in the early 2000s, for a bachelor party that ended very dramatically. Thoughts aside, this Hotel and Casino offers over 500 slots and also offers bonuses for drinks

4. Harrahs

I’ve never stayed here, I’m actually not sure on its vibe but the casino on the ground I had many a wins. The slots selection was massive and I kept getting free spins, over and over

5. Caesars Palace

I stayed here when my then husband treated me to the Celine Dion concert back in 2005. It was magical, my husband loved the slots at this Casino. They have the very big value machines here

6. MGM Grande

I always felt the decor in this hotel was very dark, and the set up is very confusing. I first stayed here in 2002 when I went to see Britney Spears perform. It had a big selection of slots, but I never won a cent here.

7. Circus Circus

Very ugly from the outside, but a true magical setting inside. The Casino is very very colourful with the usual set of slots machines and casino offering. I never stayed here, but my friend Betty did and she had zero complaints

8. Luxor Casino

Luxor casino is a strange looking casino and hotel, but what I found was the casino and slots offering was rather generous. My best friend got married here in the lat 90s

9. Planet Hollywood

My friends always wonder why I rated PH so low on my list, and its not so much the actual hotel and casino, its the crowd that was probably there the night I was there. Nonetheless, the hotel is amazing

10. Bellagio

Another one, beautiful hotel, amazing casino but I guess Im rating this one 10 because its the hotel where my heart was broken. But don’t worry they have amazing casino and slots offerings

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